CYCLE ♂, 2017

Latex, silicone, polyether foam, laser cut Perspex, SnapFix fixings.

Pink:80x25,5x8cm Orange:95x30x8cm Red:115x35x8cm Black:70x23,5x8cm

 CYCLE ♂ is a piece inspired by the male sexual response. This response has been studied in detail by the American sexologists William H. Masters and Virginia E. Johnson in their book 'Human Sexual Response' (1966), considered to be the reference of the sexual revolution in the 60s. Their study focused on the physiological reactions to sexual stimulation, identifying the complete sexual cycle model separated into 4 stages :

 - The Excitement Phase 

 - The Plateau Phase 

 - The Orgasmic Phase 

 - The Resolution Phase. 

 In my work, a specific color, size and number of buttons are assigned to each phase according to their characteristics.

Biennale de Paname, Oct 2017, Espace Commines, Paris, FR.